Sulawesi Language Alliance

Championing Local Languages in the Heart of Indonesia

Sulawesi Languages Listed by Microgroup

On this page we have arranged the indigenous languages of Sulawesi, Indonesia, by microgroup. A ‘microgroup’ is a low-level, non-controversial grouping of languages. For more information about the ten language microgroups located across Sulawesi, see Classification of Sulawesi Languages. Each language name below is a link that takes you to Sulawesi Language Alliance's page for that language.

In addition, three indigenous languages of Sulawesi belong to language groups centered outside of Sulawesi and thus are not included in one of these microgroups. Manado Malay and Makassar Indonesian are part of the Malayic complex of languages centered on Borneo and Sumatra. Indonesian Bajau is related to the Sama-Bajaw languages of Malaysia and the southern Philippines.

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