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Grammar Descriptions

The series Sulang Language Data and Working Papers: Grammar Descriptions is published by Sulawesi Language Alliance. Works in this series are oriented toward basic descriptions and data-rich papers which shed light on the grammatical patterns of languages of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Descriptions appearing in this series are working papers, and updated versions may be posted from time to time. To submit a paper for inclusion in this series, see our guidelines on how to submit a resource.

Papers in this series are posted as PDF files. PDF files can be viewed or printed using the free Adobe Reader.

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001 Wotu Grammar Notes
Abstract: This paper is a basic sketch of the phonology and grammar of the endangered Wotu language of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is based on three previously published descriptions of Wotu (one in Dutch, two in Indonesian), two texts, an unpublished sentence list, and an unpublished draft lexicon.
Year Published: 2013
Subject Language: Wotu
Publication Language: English
Contributors: David Mead

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