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The series Sulang Language Data and Working Papers: Lexicons and Dictionaries is published by Sulawesi Language Alliance. The aim of this series is to publish draft bilingual and trilingual lexicons, dictionaries and thesauruses for languages of Sulawesi, Indonesia. In lexicons and dictionaries, entries are arranged alphabetically, but a lexicon generally contains fewer words or has a restricted focus. This alphabetical arrangement distinguishes lexicons and dictionaries from thesauruses, in which words are arranged by semantic categories (as well as from word lists, which generally have a specified number of items in a prearranged order).

Dictionaries in this series are working papers, and updated versions may be posted from time to time. What they may lack in size, we hope they make up for in importance to researchers looking for data on these little-studied languages, and to the communities themselves that speak these languages. To submit a dictionary for inclusion in this series, see our guidelines on how to submit a resource.

Papers in this series are posted as PDF files. PDF files can be viewed or printed using the free Adobe Reader.

Please make sure you have read and agree to our terms and conditions of use before downloading any documents or other files.

001 Kamus Torete — Indonesia — Inggris
Description: Torete is the southernmost dialect of Bungku. Data for this trilingual dictionary, comprising just over a thousand main entries, was largely collected in the suburb of Kemaraya in the city of Kendari and the village of Sorue Jaya in Soropia subdistrict on the outskirts of Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi.
Year Published: 2010
Subject Language: Bungku (Torete dialect)
Publication Language: Bungku, Indonesian, English
Contributors: T. David Andersen, Abbas Niasi, Siti Fatima, Nasrin, and other Torete speakers
002 Kamus Napu–Indonesia–Inggris
Description: Napu, with currently around 6,000 speakers, is a language of interior Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. This triglot dictionary in Napu, Indonesian and English comprises slightly over two thousand main entries. The dictionary proper is supplemented by Indonesian-Napu and English-Napu reverse indexes.
Year Published: 2011
Subject Language: Napu
Publication Language: Napu, Indonesian, English
003 A Brief Bungku English Indonesian Dictionary
Description: This is a triglot dictionary in Bungku, Indonesian and English. It includes English-Bungku and Indonesian-Bungku finderlists. Data for this dictionary was collected in Kendari from 2004 to 2007. Sources of data include word lists gathered by T. David Andersen with Abdul Wahab Rabbie and Djufri, as well as the manuscript of the phrase book Bitara Tobungku: Kalimat Bahasa Bungku by T. David Andersen and Abdul Wahab Rabbie.
Year Published: 2014
Subject Language: Bungku
Publication Language: Bungku, English, Indonesian

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