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Ethnographic Descriptions

The series Sulang Language Data and Working Papers: Ethnographic Descriptions is published by Sulawesi Language Alliance. In general each paper covers a particular aspect of culture as it relates to a specific people group of Sulawesi. Topics may range from kinship terminology to rites of passage, agricultural practices, material culture, and more.

Descriptions appearing in this series are working papers, and updated versions may be posted from time to time. To submit a paper for inclusion in this series, see our guidelines on how to submit a resource.

Papers in this series are posted as PDF files. PDF files can be viewed or printed using the free Adobe Reader.

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001 Muna Kinship Terminology
Abstract: This paper describes Muna kinship terms. The Muna kinship system is basically of the Eskimo type. In ego’s own generation terms distinguish between siblings and cousins, and in the first ascending and descending generations terms distinguish between father, mother, uncle and aunt, and between child and nephew/niece. In most kinship terms sex is not distinguished.
Year Published: 2010
Subject Language: Muna
Publication Language: English
Contributors: Lydia van den Berg-Klingeman and René van den Berg

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