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The series Sulang Language Data and Working Papers: Word Lists is published by Sulawesi Language Alliance. The aim of this series is to make word list data available to the general public. For accurate definitions of native words, dictionaries are preferable over word lists. Nonetheless word lists have proven their utility when the purpose is to compare languages and dialects with each other.

The standard word list developed and used by Sulawesi Language Alliance is the Sulawesi Long List, comprising just over eight hundred items. To foster accuracy, this word list includes a set of elicitation aids in the form of annotations and photographs. However, we also accept for publication word lists of other lengths and arrangement of items. To submit a word list or a set of word lists for inclusion in this series, see our guidelines on how to submit a resource.

Word lists are published ‘as is,’ in the same way that we have received them. The accuracy of responses and transcriptions are the responsibility of word list takers, and may vary depending on the researcher and the field conditions under which responses were elicited.

Papers in this series are posted as PDF files. PDF files can be viewed or printed using the free Adobe Reader.

Please make sure you have read and agree to our terms and conditions of use before downloading any documents or other files from this page.

001 Uma Dialect Word Lists
Description: This paper presents ten Sulawesi Umbrella (488 item) word lists along with six extra items—‘chili pepper,’ ‘papaya,’ ‘squash,’ ‘not yet,’ ‘go,’ and ‘behind (on the trail)’—from various locations in the Uma language area of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. An introduction includes an overview of Uma dialects, while a postscript summarizes some of the differences (sound change, pronouns, etc.) between dialects.
Year Published: 2014
Subject Language: Uma
Publication Language: English, Uma, Indonesian
Contributors: Michael P. Martens
002 Andio Word List and Sentences (Eastern Sulawesi, Indonesia)
Description: This data set consists of a 488-item Andio word list, appended with forty-four sentences that were elicited for grammatical analysis.
Year Published: 2013
Subject Language: Andio
Publication Language: Andio, English, Indonesian
003 Southeast Sulawesi Word Lists
Description: In the summer of 1975, the Dutch linguist J. C. Anceaux travelled the islands of southeastern Sulawesi, Indonesia, collecting over thirty word lists from twelve different languages. Following his death in 1988, the lists he collected lay in a handwritten and nearly forgotten notebook. Now, four decades after his initial work, we have keyboarded Anceaux’s word lists and present them here in electronic format, so that they can be accessed and appreciated by a wider audience. A scan of the original wordbook is available separately.
Year Published: 2016
Subject Language: Cia-Cia, Indonesian Bajau, Kamaru, Kulisusu, Lasalimu, Moronene, Muna, Pancana, Tolaki, North Tukang Besi, South Tukang Besi, Wolio
Publication Language: English, Indonesian, Cia-Cia, Indonesian Bajau, Kamaru, Kulisusu, Lasalimu, Moronene, Muna, Pancana, Tolaki, North Tukang Besi, South Tukang Besi, Wolio
Contributors: J. C. Anceaux and David Mead

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