Sulawesi Language Alliance

Championing Local Languages in the Heart of Indonesia

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This website is our portal for disseminating information and documentary materials concerning the more than one hundred indigenous languages of Sulawesi Island in Indonesia. It is designed to complement the hands-on work that Sulawesi Language Alliance does with and for local language communities of Sulawesi to help them reclaim and preserve their linguistic and cultural heritage.


Is My Language Going to Die?

People across Sulawesi are increasingly asking themselves this question. While globalization has its positive side, it has also pressured communities to switch to a language of wider communication with the promise of greater economic advancement. People see their local language used less and less by the younger generation, but despite concern, even alarm, they frequently don’t know what to do to reverse the trend. Once gone, that language will be lost forever as a living language to future generations.


What We Do

Sulawesi Language Alliance’s work can be broken down into four broad areas of service to language communities: research, promotion, technical assistance, and dissemination. In everything we do, we want our work to be characterized by passion for language field work, compassion for the marginalized, and dedication to passing our vision on to the next generation of Indonesians.


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