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Kaisabu Word List and Notes

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The speech variety of the small Kaisabu community of Buton Island, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, has received scant attention in the previous literature, leaving open the question whether it should be considered a dialect of Cia-Cia or a separate language. In this paper I bring to light initial information concerning its sound system, word stock, person markers, and deictics. The heart of this paper is an annotated word list comprising over eight hundred items. I also present evidence for considering Kaisabu to be a distinct language.
Sulang Language Data and Working Papers: Word Lists
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Sulawesi Language Alliance
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English, Indonesian, Kaisabu
Mead, David
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1. Location and language environment; 2. Previous research; 3. Relationship to Cia-Cia; 4. Sound system; 4.1 Discussion of particular phonemes; 4.2 Long vowels and stress; 5. Word list; 6. Person markers; 7. Deictics; 8. Aspectual clitics; References; Special thanks.
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Version 1 [17 August 2017] Drafted August 2015; revised August 2017.
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