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We’re glad that you have visited our site, and we want you to be able to find your way around. Generally speaking our website pages fall into five broad categories.


On these pages you can learn more about Sulawesi, endangered languages, and our organization.

About Sulawesi
About Endangered Languages
Endangered Languages by the Numbers
Reading List for Endangered Languages
About Sulawesi Language Alliance
Core Principles Governing our Work
About Our Director
Classification of Sulawesi Languages 

Language Pages

Sulawesi and its offshore islands are home to more than one hundred indigenous languages. Sulawesi Language Alliance offers information on each language. To access a particular language’s “home page,” please select it from one of the following lists.

Sulawesi Languages Listed Alphabetically
Sulawesi Languages Listed by Microgroup
Sulawesi Languages Listed by ISO-639-3 Code 

One of the goals of Sulawesi Language Alliance is to track the degree to which each of Sulawesi's languages may be endangered, as well as the extent to which any particular language has been documented. Accordingly, we have adopted certain numerical rating systems that quantify these measures. The following pages explain how the rating systems work.

UNESCO Endangerment Status Ratings
Expanded Graded Intergenerational Disruption Scale (EGIDS)
Documentation Status Ratings
Reliability Ratings

Language Materials

Language materials are resources that concern one or more of Sulawesi’s languages. These working papers are arranged in several series depending on the type of material which is being offered (e.g. a story, a dictionary, a grammar sketch, etc.).

Other Resources

In addition to language materials, we offer other resouces which may or may not be tied to a particular language. Papers in the series Topics in Lexicography cover topics of interest to dictionary compilers working in the Indonesian context. The goal of Translations from the Dutch is to make colonial-era writings about Sulawesi accessible to a wider audience. Our Bookshelf is a small collection of lesser-known and hard-to-find works concerning the languages and peoples of Sulawesi. On our page For Language Promoters we offer informational resources in Indonesian and English concerning language maintenance and language revitalization issues, including practical steps that people can take to promote their local language and see it used more in the community. Our our Survey Instruments page we share a selection of blank forms that researchers can use to collect data on Sulawesi languages.

Topics in Lexicography
Translations from the Dutch
For Language Promotors
Survey Instruments

Additional resources are on the drawing board, and we will bring them online as we are able. One of these up-and-coming resources is an adaptable picture dictionary with color images.

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