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Uma Dialect Word Lists

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This paper presents ten Sulawesi Umbrella (488 item) word lists along with six extra items—‘chili pepper,’ ‘papaya,’ ‘squash,’ ‘not yet,’ ‘go,’ and ‘behind (on the trail)’—from various locations in the Uma language area of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. An introduction includes an overview of Uma dialects, while a postscript summarizes some of the differences (sound change, pronouns, etc.) between dialects.
Sulang Language Data and Working Papers: Word Lists
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Sulawesi Language Alliance
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English, Uma, Indonesian
Martens, Michael P.
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1 Introduction; 2 Sulawesi Umbrella Word List (488 items): Uma dialects; 2.1 Parts of the body; 2.2 Kinship terms; 2.3 Pronouns; 2.4 Animals; 2.5 Plants; 2.6 Nature; 2.7 Artefacts; 2.8 Adjectives; 2.9 Color terms; 2.10 Grammar; 2.11 Numbers; 21.12 Position; 2.13 Time; 2.14 Verbs; 2.15 Customs; 2.16 Question words; 3 Cognate percentages based on the 488-item Sulawesi Umbrella Word List; 4 Miscellaneous notes on Uma dialects; References;
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Version 1 [13 March 2014] Word lists collected 1988–1991; document originally prepared 1991; revised and reformatted November 2006; minor misspellings corrected August 2008 and February 2009; revised for publication February 2014.
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