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A Brief Bungku English Indonesian Dictionary

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This is a triglot dictionary in Bungku, Indonesian and English. It includes English-Bungku and Indonesian-Bungku finderlists. Data for this dictionary was collected in Kendari from 2004 to 2007. Sources of data include word lists gathered by T. David Andersen with Abdul Wahab Rabbie and Djufri, as well as the manuscript of the phrase book Bitara Tobungku: Kalimat Bahasa Bungku by T. David Andersen and Abdul Wahab Rabbie.
Sulang Language Data and Working Papers: Lexicons and Dictionaries
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Bungku, English, Indonesian
Andersen, T. David
Rabbie, Abdul Wahab
data contributor
data contributor
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Bungku – English – Indonesian; English – Bungku; Indonesian – Bungku;
Spelling Conventions: 
Spelling Spelling conventions for Bungku words follow Indonesian (e.g. c, j for voiceless and voiced affricates, digraph ng for velar nasal), with the following exceptions: (a) w represents a voiced bilabial fricative (not a semi-vowel); (b) f represents a voiceless bilabial fricative; (c) an apostrophe is used to represent glottal stop in word-medial position, while glottal stop is not symbolized word initially.
This dictionary was compiled under the auspices of Badan Pemerdayaan Masysarakat Sulawesi Tenggara and SIL Indonesia.
Version History: 
Version 1 [07 Feb 2014] Lexical database compiled from 2006 to 2007; formatted for publication February 2014.
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