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Copyright and Licensing Agreement (for Resource Submitters)

By submitting a resource to Sulawesi Language Alliance for publication, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. The submitter verifies they have the right or due authorization to enter into this agreement, and in so doing they have not violated the copyright, privacy or publication rights of any third party.

2. Sulawesi Language Alliance does not claim copyright or any other exclusive rights to the material. Copyright remains with the creators, or whoever owns copyright by prior arrangement. Copyright holders remain free to continue to use the work, to modify it, and to seek publication in other venues.

3. The submitter grants Sulawesi Language Alliance, its assignees, and/or its successors, the non-exclusive right to make the material publicly available in electronic format. Normally this will be by posting to our website in one of the Sulang Language Data and Working Papers series. The word ‘non-exclusive’ here means that copyright holders are free to pursue similar agreements with other parties, not just Sulawesi Language Alliance.

4. Whether and when a submitted resource is posted shall be at the sole discretion of Sulawesi Language Alliance.

5. While Sulawesi Language Alliance posts Terms and Conditions of Use, and requires visitors to abide by it, neither the submitter or copyright holder(s) will hold Sulawesi Language Alliance responsible for third-party violations of copyright.

6. This licensing agreement is entered into without expectation of remuneration. Because Sulawesi Language Alliance is dedicated to making materials concerning the peoples and languages of Sulawesi freely available to the general public, we normally do not pay for submissions.

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