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Five Mori Bawah Folktales, circa 1918

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This work reproduces the five Mori Bawah folktales which originally appeared in Van Eelen and Ritsema (1918-1919). These folktales are significant as they appear to be the only native Mori texts collected during the Dutch colonial era that survived the ravages of World War II and subsequent periods of civil strife. The texts, which originally appeared side by side a Dutch free translation, are presented here with updated spelling, morpheme-by-morpheme glossing, English free translation, and annotations. The original grammar notes that accompanied the texts have not been reproduced, as these were superseded by the publication of S. J. Esser’s grammar of Mori (1927, 1933).
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Sulawesi Language Alliance
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Subject Language(s): 
Mori Bawah (Tinompo dialect)
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Publication Language(s): 
English, Mori Bawah
Mead, David
Eelen, H. G. van
Ritsema, J.
Table of Contents: 
Introduction; The story of Monkey and Turtle; How it was when Monkey and Turtle planted bananas; The story of Tarsier; The story of Orphan; The story of Monsiari; List of abbreviations; Orthographic conventions; References;
Eelen, H. G. van and J. Ritsema. 1918-1919. Morische verhalen opgeteekend door H. G. van Eelen en J. Ritsema. Edited by N. Adriani. Mededeelingen van wege het Nederlandsche Zendelinggenootschap 62:211–229, 276–295; 63:312–327.
Version History: 
Version 1 [19 Feb 2012] Texts keyboarded, glossed, translated and annotated September 2000; revised for publication September 2010.
Original Mori Bawah texts are in the public domain. Morpheme breaks, glossing, annotations and English free translation © 2000, 2012 by David Mead, distributed under terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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