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Squirrels of Sulawesi: An Introduction

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This article has two parts. The first part comprises thumbnail sketches of the twelve squirrel species found on the island of Sulawesi. The second part is a description of some other small mammals which may potentially be confused with squirrels, at least during the initial phases of lexicography research.
Sulang Language Data and Working Papers: Topics in Lexicography
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Sulawesi Language Alliance
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Mead, David
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Part 1: Checklist of squirrel species; Giant squirrels; Beautiful squirrels; Dwarf squirrels; Long-nosed squirrels; Part 2: Some similar animals from around Indonesia; Tarsiers; Tree shrews; Flying squirrels; Colugos; Sugar gliders; Cuscuses; References;
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Version 2 [31 July 2014] Checklist updated to accord with Musser et al. (2010) and to a greater or lesser extent all thumbnail descriptions revised. Version 1 [26 June 2013] Drafted October 2010, significantly revised June 2013.
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