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Smelting, Forging and Smithing: A Brief History of Metallurgy for the Lexicographer

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This paper covers metal and metal alloys along with the processes of smelting, forging and smithing. The discussion of English and Indonesian terms associated with metal and metalworking is set within a broad historical context, from the Bronze Age through the development of modern steel mills.
Sulang Language Data and Working Papers: Topics in Lexicography
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Sulawesi Language Alliance
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Mead, David
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1 Smelting; 2 Copper, bronze and brass; 3 Distinguishing brass from bronze; 4 More copper alloys: tumbaga, pinchbeck and nickel silver; 5 Forging; 6 Wrought iron, steel, and cast iron; 7 Grades of steel; 8 Corrugated iron roofing and more; 9 Smithing; 10 Pamor and pattern-welding; 11 Tin and pewter, lead, mercury, zinc and aluminum; 12 Silver, gold, and uncovering the history of Insular Southeast Asia; References and related works;
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Version 1 [14 May 2013] This paper originally circulated September 2008; revised May 2010; formatted for publication May 2013.
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