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Vocabulary Associated with Maize and Rice

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Maize and rice are rich areas of vocabulary in many Indonesian languages. This paper outlines several areas to investigate, including varieties of maize and rice, parts of the plant, their cultivation including stages of growth, harvesting and harvest taboos, storage, and ways of preparing these grains for human consumption.
Sulang Language Data and Working Papers: Topics in Lexicography
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Sulawesi Language Alliance
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Martens, Michael P.
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1 Maize; 1.1 The term for maize in local languages; 1.2 General terms associated with maize; 1.3 Parts of the maize plant; 1.4 Terms for varieties of maize; 1.5 Terms associated with stages of growth of maize; 1.6 Terms associated with preparing and cooking maize; 2 Rice; 2.1 Terms for parts of the rice plant; 2.2 Varieties of rice; 2.3 Concepts and terms associated with rice agriculture; 2.4 Terms associated with growing rice in a paddy; 2.5 Terms associated with growing rice in dry fields; 2.6 Terms describing the stages of growth of rice; 2.7 Terms associated with pests that bother rice; 2.8 Terms associated with harvesting and storing rice; 2.9 Terms associated with hulling rice; 2.10 Terms associated with cooking rice by boiling with water; 2.11 Terms associated with different foods made with rice; 2.12 Taboos associated with rice; References;
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Version 1 [01 June 2013] This paper originally circulated July 2006; formatted for publication December 2011; slightly revised May 2013.
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